Book Cover Tell Everyone About Jesus: A Memoir of Forgiveness. Photo of Pink and White Roses Surrounding the Title

Tell Everyone About Jesus: A Memoir of Forgiveness is based on the Holy Bible and nondenominational Christianity. It consists of two parts: “The Spiritual Journey” and “A Story of Forgiveness.” In Part I, the author explores our spiritual journey, highlighting the importance of a close relationship with Jesus and the miracles he performed. In Part II, the author shares a Catholic childhood in the 1960s, revealing spiritual truths from a heartfelt story that draws readers to Jesus Christ. 

The book encourages readers to invite the Lord into their lives and share their faith with others. It counters common objections from non-believers and plants lasting seeds. Tell Everyone About Jesus: This book is an excellent resource for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, providing preachers with fresh inspiration, leading teens to Christ, fostering organic conversations in Bible discussion groups, uplifting the elderly, and helping those suffering from addiction. It is an invaluable addition to prison outreach ministries and chapel libraries, and addiction rehab centers.

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